Noise Assessments and Noise Management Plans

Compliance with the New Legislation

On the 26 May 2011, the Queensland Parliament passed the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 replacing the Workplace Health and Safety Act. This new “harmonised” WHS Act 2011 took effect on 1 January 2012. It reflects the national model WHS Act with minor changes that enable it to operate within the Queensland jurisdiction.

If you are not familiar with this new legislation, information can be found at This is the website of the QLD Government Workplace Health and Safety Division and it has details of the legislation including transitional provisions plus links to the new Regulations and Codes of Practice.

Did you know that the new legislation contains new requirements for noise management?

The new Code of Practice relating to workplace noise is titled MANAGING NOISE AND PREVENTING HEARING LOSS AT WORK. Click on the link.

Wasn’t this noise management legislation deferred?

NO. Only the section relating to Audiometric Testing of employees was deferred. All other sections of the noise Code of Practice came into effect in January 2012 and need to be complied with now.

Did you know that you can easily check to see if you need to comply with the new legislation?

There is a checklist on Page 33 of the Code of Practice. Its titled Appendix B – Noise Hazard Identification Checklist. If you answer yes to any of the questions on the checklist, you will need to conduct a noise assessment.

To comply with the new legislation, the very least you will need to do is,

  • Measure and record noise levels in your business
  • Take action to reduce employee’s exposure to excessive noise
  • Provide employees with information, training and instruction that helps protect their hearing.

The easiest way to comply with the new legislation, is to set up a simple Noise Management Plan that provides evidence of the actions you have taken to achieve compliance and for records management. A Noise Management Plan should include,

  • Noise Management Policy​​​​
  • Noise Management Procedures
  • Noise Assessment Records​​​​
  • Risk Analysis
  • Action Plans​​​​​​
  • Employee education, PPE and Hearing test records

Audiometric Testing QLD can help you to achieve compliance quickly and inexpensively. We offer a simple Noise Management Compliance Pack that includes a draft Noise Management policy and procedure, some noise assessments, a risk assessment, noise and hearing education plus records of any education and testing.

Audiometric Testing QLD can help manage your plan or set it up so you can manage it yourself. We can also help with supervisor training, toolbox meetings, earplug fit tests and advice on PPE and audiometric testing.

Compliance can cost as little as $695

Failure to manage noise can attract penalties of up to $6,600 per offence