Workplace Hearing Tests

On-site Audiometric Testing is the most cost effective method of providing an Audiometric Test.

An on-site Audiometric Test takes around 12 minutes.

Sending employees off-site to a Doctor’s surgery or an Audiology Clinic could take your employees away from the workplace for hours.

We can tailor a test schedule to suit your operations.

Whether you have 5 employees or 500, we can help. We can test up to 100 employees per day if you just want no frills testing.

Alternatively, here are some of the other options our clients have chosen.

  • AUDIOMETRIC TEST ONLY We collect employee data, conduct an audiometric (air conduction)test, print off a copy of the test report for the employee and explain the test results. We can also provide a selection of management reports and statistics. This option does not include education. That would be provided in a group toolbox session.
  • AUDIOMETRIC TEST AND COMPLIANCE EDUCATION. We collect employee data then provide one-on-one hearing information, training and instruction to comply with the new Code of Practice. We then conduct an audiometric (air conduction) test, print off a copy of the test report for the employee and explain the test results. We can also provide a selection of management reports and statistics. Failure to provide prescribed information training and instruction can attract penalties.
  • EAR PLUG FIT TESTING. Our experience shows that employees exposed to high noise levels who wear ear plugs have more hearing loss than those employees who wear ear muffs. We can now test ear plug fit and we have found that very few employees fit their ear plugs properly.It is not uncommon to find employees only achieve 10db attenuation from a 25db earplug. We get employees to fit their earplugs the way they usually fit them then we test to see what attenuation they achieve. We then provide training on how to fit the earplug correctly then conduct fit testing until the correct attenuation is achieved. Ear canals vary in size and shape and not all employees will be protected using standard earplugs. Some employees cannot get adequate protection from standard issue ear plugs and may need a different type of ear plug or even custom moulded ear plugs.

Like a quote? We are happy to quote per person, per day or per project. We can also help you set up your own hearing test facility. Thats a cost effective option for some.

Without leaving the workplace, your employees can have an accurate audiometric test and receive the prescribed information, training and instruction outlined in the Code of Practice.

Audiometric Testing Qld makes it easy for every workplace.